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Thief steals bike from government official who was in a meeting to promote the use of bicycles

By Mason White 2:20 PM February 20, 2017
Ben Weyts
By: Mason White

Police in Belgium, are looking for a thief who stole the bike that belonged to a government official while he was promoting the use of bicycles.

The government official came to the meeting with his bicycle and he locked it at a designated spot, but when he returned after the meeting, his bike was not there.

The ironic incident took place on Tuesday morning, when Mobility Minister Ben Weyts of Flanders, was at a press conference to promote the use of bicycles.

Weyts is looking to investment $320 million in infrastructure such as bike lanes to encourage people to use bikes as their main mode of transportation.

Weyts then used his second best choice, and he returned home with the train.

Weyts said that police are using surveillance video from the area to search for the thief.