Woman sets up trap and cameras to catch her plumber boyfriend cheating with a client

Alison enticing the plumber (left) and his girlfriend
By: Tanya Clark  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) A woman set up a trap to catch her boyfriend cheating on her with his client.

The insecure woman accused her boyfriend of cheating while he was working as a plumber.

She enlisted the help of a group called “Catch A Cheater.” They upload videos to YouTube, showing men being set up to see if they will cheat.

This time, they sent the plumber to the home of a model named Alison.

When he arrived, Alison opened the door dressed in a black robe, wearing garters and showing her cleavage.

The man asked the model if she wants to change into different clothes before he came in, but she declined.

The woman then flirted with the plumber as he was checking the pipes under her kitchen sink. The woman had placed an adult toy in the cabinet for the plumber to find as he was working.

Unknown to him, his girlfriend was watching him via a live video link.

The model tried different tactics to get the man to touch or kiss her, but he refused to take the bait and cheat.

The plumber told Alison that he has to leave and he did not charge her for his work.

Alison followed the man to the door and refused to allow him to leave. She begged him for a hug, to which he replied that he had a girlfriend.

Alison said that his girlfriend will never know about his actions. The man said that it does not matter if she knew or not, it was not the right thing to do.

He eventually talked his way out and he escaped.

Shockingly, his girlfriend was not very happy. Although she was relieved that he did not cheat “this time,” she said: “he has a look, and I can see that look that he gives another woman he is very flirty.”