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Stupid dog manages to open locked door of its cage and free friends in another closed crate

By Mason White 4:08 PM February 21, 2017
Dog escapes from locked cage
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) Workers at an animal clinic in China, were shocked to see a dog they thought was stupid, open a locked cage to free himself and its friend in another closed crate.

The animal clinic in Jiangsu, released a video showing the dog managing to unlock the door of its cage before freeing its friends.

Cao Sheng, who owns the animal clinic, said that he and his employees were surprised because they always though that the dog was stupid.

When the arrived to work one morning, they encountered all the dogs running around in the facility. The workers reviewed the security surveillance footage, and saw that the dog used its mouth to unlock the door of its cage.

Workers said that it is difficult for them to open the cage door, and they do not understand how the dog managed to pull off this feat.

After running out of its cage, the dog went over to another crate, where additional dogs were held. The dog opened that door as well, and all of its friends ran out of the crate.

They then tried to walk out of the front door, but they did not have the password to unlock it. Cao said that the dog will no longer be called stupid.