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Teacher suspended for pulling chairs out from under students causing them to fall to the ground

By Mason White 2:19 PM February 21, 2017
Robin Welch Kennedy
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) Parents in Florida, are relieved that a teacher finally lost her job.

The teacher had been in trouble with the law and was suspended from school for 15 days, but she was allowed back in the classroom after she was arrested for driving under the influence and battery.

According to school records, parents have been asking the school to get rid of Robin Welch Kennedy, for some time after she caused unnecessary suffering and humiliation to students.

The Florida Education Commission suspended Kennedy’s teaching license for one year, after an investigation uncovered that she deliberately tipped over the chairs of students so they fall to the ground.

Kennedy was a third grade teacher at the Neptune Beach Elementary School, when the incident occurred. Some of her students were transferred to another class.

Kennedy worked as a teacher since 2006, and her latest job was with the Duval County Public Schools. She has now been terminated from her job.