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Tenant marries her home to stop landlord from evicting her and her children

By Mason White 2:25 PM February 21, 2017
Deborah Hodge
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A woman in United Kingdom, came up with a unique way to get your attention and maybe your money as well.

43-year-old Deborah Hodge “married” her rented house in a desperate attempt to stay in it.

The former assistant principal was ordered to move out from her two bedroom home in Bexleyheath, after the owner put it up for sale.

However, the mother of four children is hoping to raise enough money to buy the home so her family can stay there.

Hodge took photos of herself, marrying the home in order to promote her cause.

Deborah said that she does not care if people think she is crazy.

She is refusing to move and she said that the sheriffs will have to “take me kicking and screaming” if they get an order to evict her from the house.

The mother launched a Crowdfunder, in which she is asking people to donate money to help save “her husband,” whom she named Norman.

Hodge wrote on Crowdfunder that Norman is a “detached 2 bedroom house, but we converted a tiny office and downstairs living room to be bedrooms.”

She is looking to raise £400,000 (about $500,000) to buy the property itself, but so far, she has only managed to receive £96 ($120), which came from nine people.

This is not the first time that Hodge is making headlines.

Hodge, who also goes by the name Cecily Baker on YouTube and social media, said that she received death threats after being on a television show in which it was revealed that she spent £2,800 ($3,400) from her government benefits on her children’s Christmas presents.

Hodge now works as an artist.