Drug addict found living in hospital closet

Hospital (illustration)
Hospital (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A homeless drug addict has found a novel way to fuel his addiction, and stay warm and clothed, according to police in Wisconsin.

Marshfield police said that they have arrested the 41-year-old drug addict, who was not identified, after hospital workers found him living inside a closet in their facility.

The suspect, who was free on bail in an unrelated case, has been charged with bail jumping, trespassing and possession of heroin.

The man has been booked into the Wood County jail.

According to the police investigation, workers at the Ministry St. Joseph’s Hospital, opened a closet on Friday morning, and found the 41-year-old man living there.

The suspect had been living in the closet for at least several weeks.

He stole four pairs of hospital uniforms, which enabled him to move around in the medical center during the day without drawing any unwanted attention.