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Hero hotel maid records pimp beating a prostitute as she tries to flee

By Mason White 1:48 PM February 22, 2017
Marcus Jamal Lindsey
Marcus Jamal Lindsey
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A pimp was jailed for a long time after a maid recorded him beating a woman in a hotel room.

The man had two women in a hotel room in Maryland, where he sold them for sex.

According to court records, 23-year-old Marcus Jamal Lindsey advertised the women’s services on He charged $150 an hour.

However, when he did not allow the women to keep any of the money for themselves, one 20-year-old woman decided to leave.

Lindsey refused to allow the woman to leave. Instead, he choked her and repeatedly punched her in the face in an attempt to force her to stay.

The maid at the Radisson Hotel in Rockville, recorded the abuse before the woman managed to flee, and police were called.

The woman was so scared of the suspect that she went into hiding. The suspect knew that the woman will not testify against him.

In a recorded jail conversation, Lindsey was heard telling someone “so if there’s no victim, I should be good on this right?.”

He was right that without proof he would have gotten a light sentence. However, he did not know about the recording from the heroic hotel maid.

Prosecutors were able to get a conviction using the hotel maid’s recording, the 911 call and other evidence.

Lindsey was found guilty of human trafficking and assault charges, and he was sentenced to 20 years in prison.