Illegal immigrant gets just 65 days in prison after his unattended truck crushed 5-year-old boy to death

Everett Copeland and Alejandro Suarez
Everett Copeland and Alejandro Suarez
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A family is mourning the loss of their young son, who was killed while he was playing soccer with his friends in their driveway.

The incident that took place in Hillsborough, North Carolina, began when the truck driver stopped to use the bathroom.

28-year-old Alejandro Suarez was working for a construction company when he pulled over and put the brakes in neutral on a hill.

After he got out, the dump truck that was filled with sand began rolling down the hill.

Suarez ran after the truck in an attempt to take control of it, but he was unable to do so.

The vehicle hit a few poles before it jumped a curb and ran over 5-year-old Everett Copeland, in his driveway.

The truck then crashed into the family’s garage door and came to a stop.

The boy, who was unable to get out of the truck's path fast enough, was taken to the Duke University Hospital, but doctors were unable to save him.

Suarez was held in prison since the accident. This week, he entered a plea of “no contest,” and an Orange County judge accepted it.

District Attorney Jim Woodall said that Suarez remained at the scene of the accident and had cooperated fully during the investigation.

He was sentenced to just 65 days in prison, and he will be out next week as he got credit for time served.

An attorney for Suarez said that he is very distraught over the boy’s death.

Suarez will be handed over to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement after his release as he has been in the country illegally for the past 11 years.

The boy’s family is now suing Suarez and the construction company he worked for.