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Son slits his father’s throat during fight over pot cake

By Mason White 5:58 PM February 22, 2017
Kevin Blanch
Kevin Blanch
By: Tanya Clark

A young man who was angry that his father intervened about his eating of cake, decided to get rid of the threat by slitting his father’s throat, according to police in Pennsylvania.

Springettsbury Township police said that they have arrested 30-year-old Kevin Blanch, after being accused of trying to kill his 61-year-old father Dennis.

Blanch has been charged with one count of criminal attempt homicide, two counts of aggravated assault and one count of simple assault.

He was booked into the York County prison, and his bail has been set at $75,000.

According to the criminal complaint, on Saturday night, Blanch argued with his mother about how much pot pie he ate.

On Sunday morning, Dennis confronted his son about the argument he had with his mother the night before about eating too much pot pie.

His father asked to speak with him, but Blanch was not interested in talking about it. Blanch then picked up his Tomahawk M48 ax, and hit his father several times.

A fight ensued. When Blanch tried to take a knife from his belt, his father grabbed it. Blanch claimed that he wanted to neutralize the threat and wanted to kill his father.

Dennis was found by police outside his house with blood on his hands, neck, chest and torn shirt. Dennis told police that his son attacked him with an ax.

He suffered injuries to his chest, neck and a wrist.