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Thief sets stolen vehicle on fire burning his face and hands

By Mason White 1:52 PM February 22, 2017
Zachary Allen Shultz
Zachary Allen Shultz
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A man was left with bad burns to his face after setting a stolen vehicle on fire.

However, his mugshot was taken after he was arrested for another crime.

25-year-old Zachary Allen Shultz of Florida, was wanted by police for stealing money from a jar that was placed on a restaurant counter.

Store surveillance video showed Schultz taking money out of the jar at the Flame Broiler restaurant in Jacksonville.

Shultz reportedly thought that the money was for tips. However, the store manager told police that the money was being collected for the Toys For Tots charity.

Police said that days before, Shultz was arrested after accidentally set a car on fire with a lighter. That car was reported stolen.

Shultz fled from the scene and he was not caught. He was arrested days later when police responded to a report about a theft at Daily’s Gas Station on Kings Road.

Shultz did not look for treatment for his burned face and hands. Instead, he told police that he smoked crack because “It helped with the pain.”

When police arrested Shultz, he allegedly admitted to stealing money from the donation jar at the restaurant along with a tip jar from the Tropical Smoothie Cafe, which is located next door.

He apologized for his actions, and said that he was sorry when he learned that the money was for the charity.