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28-year-old man marries 82-year-old woman one year after she called him when she dialed the wrong number

By Mason White 4:21 PM February 23, 2017
Loho Dandel with Martha Potu
Loho Dandel with Martha Potu
By: Emily Lewis

A man married a woman who is 54 years older than him after she called him by accident.

The man of Indonesia, who works as a mechanic, never had a serious girlfriend so when the woman called him, he started a conversation with her.

28-year-old Sofian Loho Dandel spoke with Martha Potu for over an hour.

They decided to speak again. The two spoke often for about a year, but he never asked her how old she was.

The two had a lot of good conversations, and Dandel fell in love with the woman.

After being in a long distance relationship for a year, Dandel was ready to meet his lover. She invited him to her house.

When he arrived, Dandel admitted that he was shocked to find an 82-year-old woman. However, he decided to stay with her, and the two got married with their friends and family at their side.

Potu said that she was very lonely since her husband died 10 years ago. Her two sons then left to work overseas.