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43-year-old woman records herself having sex with dog and uploads the video to social media

By Mason White 2:24 PM February 23, 2017
Amy Nicole Graves
Amy Nicole Graves
By: Mason White

Police were alerted to a video that shows a woman having sex with a dog.

Detectives began an investigation to find the suspect who violated the dog.

Their investigation led them to a woman in Mississippi, and she was arrested.

43-year-old Amy Nicole Graves was taken into custody. Lamar County Sheriff’s deputies said that they received the tip from someone who came across the disturbing video on social media.

Graves was charged with unnatural intercourse with a dog, according to Sheriff Danny Rigel.

Graves recorded the sex acts, which police believe has occurred sometime within the last year, and it was posted online.

Graves was booked into Lamar County Jail, where she awaits her first appearance in court. If convicted, Graves faces up to 10 years in prison and she may have to register as a sex offender.