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Grandfather kills his son to protect 12-year-old granddaughter from abuse

By Mason White 11:51 AM February 24, 2017
Hubbard and Mark Hall
Hubbard and Mark Hall
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested after he killed his son who was hitting his daughter.

64-year-old Hubbard Hall of Alabama, loves his granddaughter so when he saw his son hitting her, he became upset.

Hubbard’s 41-year-old son Mark, was on his way home from a softball game in Mobile.

On his way home, Mark received a phone call in which he was informed about the actions of his daughter, and he did not like them.

Mark hit his daughter over those actions. When they arrived at the grandparent’s home in Baldwin County, an argument erupted between Hubbard and Mark over the way he was mistreating his daughter.

Hubbard felt that his son was abusing his daughter, and during the heated argument over the abuse, the grandfather fatally shot his son in the stomach.

Police said that the father hit his daughter, but there was no sign of excessive force. They also said that Hubbard should have called 911 if he felt that his granddaughter was in danger.

Hubbard is being held in the Baldwin County Corrections Center on $50,000 bond.