Woman urinates on herself after KFC workers refused to allow her to use bathroom

KFC (illustration)
KFC (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A caretaker in Australia, took to Facebook to express her anger over the actions of KFC workers who left her client crying.

The caretaker said that she was at the KFC on Bagot Road in Darwin, when her client needed to use the bathroom.

However, a male employee denied her access to the bathroom. The elderly woman was unable to contain herself and she urinated on herself in the restaurant.

In a Facebook post, the caretaker wrote: “Shame shame shame on the (staff member’s name) of KFC Bagot Road, Darwin, who refused my clients access to the staff toilet, and then stood and watched as she wet herself in the middle of the restaurant.

“She cried because she had wet her dress. I cried because this beautiful woman had been treated with total disrespect and was robbed of her dignity.

“I wonder how he would have felt if it had been his mother,” she said.

A spokesperson for KFC Australia, said that it is investigating the incident and that the company wants to speak to the woman's caretaker.

“We really regret any distress or embarrassment this client has experienced in our Darwin restaurant,” the spokesperson said.