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Man records girl using toilet at McDonald’s

By Mason White 6:17 PM February 26, 2017
McDonald’s (illustration)
McDonald’s (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A girl was left traumatized after finding a man recording her using a toilet at McDonald’s, according to police in the United Kingdom.

London police said that they have arrested 29-year-old John Bate, after being accused of entering the women’s restroom and taking pictures of the 16-year-old girl as she was using the toilet.

In court, Bate has been convicted of one count of voyeurism.

He will be sentenced next month.

According to the criminal complaint, Bate followed the girl into a cubicle in the women’s toilets of McDonald’s at Apex Corner in Hanworth, late at night.

He ran away when he was spotted by the distressed girl, but she and others chased him to get his phone. A passerby grabbed him outside the toilet and the good Samaritan found the phone.

He gave his PIN number and the phone was searched by the victim’s boyfriend, who saw the video of his girlfriend sitting on the toilet.

He deleted the video and photographs, and gave the phone back, but not before they were seen by the victim and the passerby.

Bate offered to be taken to an ATM, and pay money to his victim, and he pleaded not to call the police.

When the police arrived, the phone could not be found as Bate’s girlfriend had taken it home and hid it, but it was later recovered.

Bate told police that he had gone to the toilet, and heard shouting and screaming, causing him to run away.