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Carpenter wants judge to allow him to continue doing his work in the nude

By Mason White 2:42 PM February 26, 2017
Rob Jenner
Rob Jenner
By: Tanya Clark

A former soldier of the United Kingdom, who now works as a carpenter, wants to continue doing this his work without wearing any clothes.

42-year-old Rob Jenner loves to renovate his home and work on his garden in Eccles, Kent, in the nude.

He said that he is proud of his physique and he likes to show it off. However, he was ordered to stop as not too many people were impressed.

Jenner was arrested and charged with breaching a community protection notice and 13 public order offences for continuing to work in the nude.

Frederick Black and other parents called the police after dropping off their children to a school that is not far from Jenner’s home.

Neighbors of Jenner also called police as they do not like to see him walking around in his yard without any clothes on.

Jenner has a sign up that reads: “A naturist is working on this property, please do not take offense.”

Defense attorney Alex Davey said: “My client is a naturist and does not believe his behavior causes harassment or distress to anyone and that his behavior is acceptable in accordance with his human rights.”

Prosecutor Paul Edwards disagrees. He told the court that the carpenter “is not a naturist but rather an exhibitionist.”

A neighbor who is a mother of two children, said that she saw Jenner naked on at least 12 occasion. She said that while some people think it is funny, they don’t want to see it on a regular basis.

Community warden Debbie Foreman testified in court that she felt uncomfortable after seeing Jenner crouched down in his garden despite the fact the he covered his genitals with a work belt.

A judge will rule whether Jenner can continue doing work in the nude or not.