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School teacher gets just 90 days jail for having sex with student a few hundred times

By Mason White 6:33 PM February 26, 2017
Mary Beth Haglin
Mary Beth Haglin
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A school teacher who had sex with a student more than a hundred times, got an extremely light sentence, according to court documents in Iowa.

Cedar Rapids police have arrested 25-year-old Mary Beth Haglin, after being accused of having sex with a 17-year-old boy hundreds of times, including at his parents’ home.

In court, Haglin has been convicted of sexual exploitation by a school employee. She has been sentenced to serve 90 days in prison.

She will also be placed on probation and was ordered to register as a sex offender. The judge had also ordered Haglin to stay away from the victim.

According to the police investigation, Haglin met the boy when she was teaching at the Washington High school. The boy and the teacher began a sexual relationship, which lasted for several months.

Haglin admitted to having sex with the boy in her car and his parents’ home. At one point, she claimed that the boy seduced her into the sexual relationship.

Haglin appeared on the Dr. Phil show during which she blamed her student for making her have sex with him. Haglin sent the boy nude photos of herself.

The crime came to light after the boy shared the photos with other students. Haglin was fired from the school. Haglin now works as a stripper named Bambi at the Woody’s gentleman’s club.