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Bikini model beats male presenter live on television for groping her exposed backside

By Mason White 4:21 PM February 27, 2017
Rayssa Teixeira Melo
Rayssa Teixeira Melo
By: Tanya Clark

A television show ended in chaos after a bikini model took revenge of a co-host, who touched her inappropriately.

The hosts of the television station in Brazil, were talking about the importance of using sunscreen when going out in the sun.

To make things more interesting, the show invited Brazilian fitness model Rayssa Teixeira Melo, to the show. She came out in a bikini and high heel shoes.

The show’s co-hosts then began applying sunscreen on her body. While doing so, the male host cupped her backside. Melo warned him to stop.

She spoke in Portuguese, and said sarcastically: “No, that’s my bottom.” When the man reached to the back and touched her again, Melo hit him and punched him in the face. She threw items at him before storming off the stage.

The video of the beating was posted by many people to YouTube, where it went viral.