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Brother is killed while arguing with man who sold his sister a locked cell phone

By Mason White 4:15 PM February 27, 2017
Kareem Mano (with backpack) De'Andre Malik Thomas
Kareem Mano (with backpack) De’Andre Malik Thomas
By: William Martin

A brother was killed while he was trying get his sister’s money back after the sale of a cell phone.

The sister told police in Georgia, that she bought the cell phone from 20-year-old De’Andre Malik Thomas.

However, when she arrived home, she realized that the phone was locked and she was unable to use it.

Her brother, 25-year-old Kareem Mano, called Thomas and the two decided to meet in order to resolve the issue.

They met in the parking lot of a gas station in Bloomfield. Surveillance videos from a neighborhood grocery store, showed the graphic scene of the two men arguing before Thomas pulled a gun from his pants and shot Mano at close range.

Mano ran away, but Thomas continued shooting before he escaped. Mano managed to walk a few feet before collapsing on the ground.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Thomas later turned himself in to police. He and D’Angelo Montell Roquemore, 20, were charged with armed robbery, carrying weapons on school grounds and false imprisonment.

Authorities said that they were involved in thefts at apartments where students live.

Mano, who recently became a father, left behind a brokenhearted family and a one-month-old baby boy.

Thomas is being held in prison as he was out on a $65,000 bond while awaiting trial in connection to another robbery that occurred last April.