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Dog seen on video burying its dead brother that was run over by a car

By Mason White 4:36 PM February 27, 2017
The dog burying its brother
The dog burying its brother
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) People around the world were touched by a video, showing a dog burying its brother and best friend.

The white dog was killed after being run over by a car in Thailand.

The video that was recorded in Buriram, was uploaded to social media, where it went viral.

People love the compassion and caring shown by the brother.

The video shows the deceased dog lying in a grave and the brother using its nose to shove sand and dirt over it.

The dog was then seen jumping into the grave and smelling the deceased animal before continuing to push dirt over it.

A search on YouTube shows a similar video that was originally uploaded in 2015. It appears as though the dog’s owner has now released another video, which was taken from a different angle, and posted it to social media.