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Fat and ugly Aeroflot flight attendants banned from international flights

By Mason White 6:40 PM February 27, 2017
Aeroflot flight attendants
Aeroflot flight attendants
By: Emily Lewis

A large group of Aeroflot flight attendants in Russia, have written a letter to President Vladimir Putin, to complain that they were banned from international flights simply because they are old, fat, or ugly.

About 400 flight attendant said that they were recently banned from the lucrative international flight routes and placed on boring domestic flights simply because of their appearance.

The flight attendants, who call themselves the old, fat and ugly, said that the company has implemented a new policy, allowing only young and beauty flight attendants on the international flights.

A spokesperson for Aeroflot, denied the allegations, saying that no such policy exists.

Yevgenia Magurina, who worked as a flight attendant for Aeroflot for 15 years, said that she was told that from now on, only those who are young and thin are allowed to fly on international routes.

She was reassigned to domestic routes because she was not thin enough.

Another employee, who declined to be identified, said that flight attendants are being weighed and measured to see whether they will be allowed to work on international flights.

Natalia, 42, said that fat flight attendants are desperately trying to lose weight in order to get back on the international routes.