99-year-old woman arrested and locked in prison cell as part of her bucket wish list

By: Emily Lewis  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

An elderly woman was seen sitting in a locked jail cell with handcuffs on.

However, she was not inside for committing a crime, but rather to fulfill another thing from her bucket wish list.

Police in the Netherlands, said that a woman called them and asked if they would help fulfill her aunt Annie’s dream of being arrested.

Officer at the Nijmegen Zuid station, which is about 75 miles from Amsterdam, agreed to arrest her.

Annie, who is 99 years old, is an impressive and upstanding citizen who has never been arrested in her life.

One photo of her arrest shows Annie laughing and showing off her hands, which were in police handcuffs. Another photo shows her laughing as she was sitting in a locked cell.

Annie and the police officers had a great time while fulfilling her dreams.