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Bus driver traps phone thief in vehicle’s doors leaving his feet dangling outside while driving to police station

By Mason White 6:44 PM February 28, 2017
Thief trapped in bus doors
Thief trapped in bus doors
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) Police said that a bus driver made their job easier by trapping a thief and driving him to the police station, according to police in Colombia.

Bogota police said that the bus driver, who was not identified, decided to take action after the thief stole the cellphone of one of his passengers.

Witnesses told police that the thief swiped a woman’s cellphone and tried to run out of the bus through the open doors.

The driver, who did not want thief to get away with the woman’s phone, shut the doors on the suspect, leaving him with his feet dangling out of the bus.

Drivers who witnessed the spectacle, honked at the bus driver as they thought the suspect was accidentally trapped in the doors.

The bus driver ignored the people on the road and drove to the nearest police station, where he handed over the suspect to the police.

However, the victim refused to file charges against the thief after he gave her back the phone. Police then let the thief go without any charges.

Police praised the bus driver for helping the woman and teaching the thief a lesson.