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Well-known magician hangs himself in Magic Castle in California

By Mason White 4:50 PM February 28, 2017
Daryl Easton
Daryl Easton
By: William Martin

Magicians are known for being upbeat, and especially for making kids and adults laugh.

61-year-old Daryl Easton of California, was one of them. For many years, he has been putting on shows, where he amazed people with his amazing tricks.

He was especially well-known for creating his own great card illusion tricks.

Sadly, while making others happy, Easton was not. He reportedly suffered from depression.

This week, while he was preparing for a show at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, Easton went into a closet.

When he failed to come out, a worker when to check on Easton, and found him hanging in the closet.

The Magic Castle is a private club, which also serves as the headquarters for the Academy of Magical Arts. Several magic shows are held there every night. Easton was a frequent entertainer at the venue.

The Magic Castle wrote on Facebook in part: “Academy of Magical Arts (AMA) and the Magic Castle mourn the passing of celebrated magician and AMA family member, Daryl.

“Daryl, who was performing at the Magic Castle this week, was found dead on the club’s premises and his death has been ruled a suicide by the Los Angeles Police Department.

“The magic community mourns the loss of one of our most beloved and talented performers, and the AMA’s deepest regrets and heartfelt sympathy go out to Daryl’s family.”

Easton left behind a broken-hearted wife and many fans.