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People call police after mistaking large dog for wolf in residential neighborhood

By Mason White 5:56 PM March 1, 2017
Large dog roaming in residential neighborhood
Large dog roaming in residential neighborhood
By: William Martin

Several people panicked and called police after seeing a large dog that looked like a wolf walking in their neighborhood, according to police in Maryland.

Prince George’s County police said that animal control officers were sent to the scene after people called in to complain about a wolf that was walking on the streets.

“We received calls about this animal today. Animal control is on scene on Valley Park Ct in Cap Heights. The animal is now in custody of animal control,” the police wrote on Twitter.

The incident unfolded on Thursday.

Police said that the calls about the dog, which is a German Shepherd Husky mix and was mistaken for a wolf, were coming in for about a week before animal control officers managed to capture it.

The dog had no collar and no chip. The dog will be kept in a shelter for a week to see if anyone will claim it as their pet.