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Father places his son on homemade crucifix as punishment for not doing homework

By Mason White 1:15 PM March 2, 2017
The boy on the crucifix
The boy on the crucifix
By: Tanya Clark

A father is angry over the backlash he received for the punishment he gave his son.

Instead of changing his ways, the father of China, said that he will sue the neighbor who took the photo and posted it online “without his permission.”

The incident began when a teacher called the father to inform him that his 10-year-old son failed to do his homework again.

The father of Yongchuan, decided to punish his son by placing him on a crucifix.

The father, who runs a fruit shop, ordered the boy to kneel on a plastic box. He then placed a long wooden stick on the child’s back and taped it around his body.

He then took a long white pipe and placed it lengthwise. He ordered his son to put both of his hands out to the sides and he taped them to the long pipe.

The neighbor took a photo of the boy and said that the child sat this way for hours before finally being freed.

The father said that it was “nothing serious” and that it was “just a joke.”

However, his neighbor and many other people criticized the father, saying that he went too far with this punishment.

People called police after seeing the picture. It is unclear whether the police are investigating the father.