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Man sitting in court gallery gets six months jail for streaming murder trial live on Facebook

By Mason White 1:02 PM March 2, 2017
Jonathan Clyde Davis
Jonathan Clyde Davis
By: Alexis Bell

A man of Florida, was thrown in jail after he was caught live streaming a murder trial on Facebook.

An Alachua County Circuit Judge sentenced 24-year-old Jonathan Clyde Davis of Gainesville, to five months and 29 days in prison for contempt of court for using Facebook Live in his courtroom without permission.

Davis was questioned by Judge William E. Davis in the middle of the attempted murder trial and he was found in contempt.

According to court records, Davis was sitting in the gallery during the murder trial of his friend, Frederick E. Littles Jr., who has since been convicted of second-degree attempted murder.

Officers spotted Davis holding his phone, and when he was questioned about it, Davis told the judge that he was recording audio “to make music” later.

However, officers later realized that Davis was recording the trial with his cell phone from the gallery. They found that he was not only recording the trial, but also streaming it live on Facebook.

State prosecutor Bill Cervone said that witnesses had been reluctant to testify about the shooting, and the video could have been a form of intimidation.