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Bride drags groom through the streets in chains after he didn’t show up to wedding

By Mason White 5:12 PM March 2, 2017
The bride dragging the groom
By: The bride dragging the groom

(Scroll down for video) Sadly, some brides have been left waiting at the altar as their grooms did not show up.

However, while most brides go home and feel sorry for themselves over their failed wedding and broken hearts, one bride decided to force her fiance to marry her.

The bride of China, went looking for the groom who apparently got cold feet. She was still in her gown when she found him.

The bride tied the groom’s hands with a chain, and she dragged him to the wedding hall.

The man refused to go and he lied down on the road to resist the bride. People took photos and videos as the bride tried to convince the man to come to the wedding hall to marry her, but he refused.