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Children found playing with unexploded World War Two bomb on beach

By Mason White 6:43 PM March 2, 2017
Soldier with grenade (illustration)
Soldier with grenade (illustration)
By: Mason White

Children who were enjoying themselves at a beach, were at risk of serious injuries after finding an unexploded bomb, according to police in Scotland.

Rosemarkie police said that the Royal Navy was alerted and soldiers closed the beach on Tuesday, after the children were seen playing with the World War Two bomb.

On Wednesday night, the Royal Navy bomb disposal unit arrived at the beach and neutralized the bomb.

According to the police investigation, adults who were at the beach, noticed the kids playing with an old device on Tuesday around 12:00 p.m.,

When they looked closer, they realized that the device was an old bomb. The adults and children immediately fled from the scene and called for help.

Police praised the adults for saving the lives of the children as the World War Two bomb was still intact and could have exploded.