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Mother and teenage daughter find close up pictures of man’s private parts on brand new iPhone

By Mason White 6:36 PM March 2, 2017
Naked man (illustration)
Naked man (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A mother of two children in Scotland, was shocked to find naked photos of a man on a brand new iPhone she bought for herself.

37-year-old Lynn Conlin of Falkirk, said that she bought the new iPhone 5s at the Three store located near her home.

When she, her husband and teenage daughter tried to set up the phone that they got brand new in a box, 12 images appeared.

6 photos were blank, but the other 6 showed close up photos of a man’s private parts. Conlin is really upset as her daughter saw the pictures before she had a chance to delete them.

Conlin has a teenage daughter and 9-year-old son. Conlin returned the phone to Three, and the store’s manager launched an investigation.

The store manager offered the woman another phone.