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White boy asks his mother to give him same haircut as his black friend so teacher shouldn’t be able to tell them apart

By Mason White 1:07 PM March 2, 2017
Jax Rosebush and Reddy Weldon
Jax Rosebush and Reddy Weldon
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A mother was overwhelmed when her son told her about a prank he and his friend were planning to play on their teacher.

Lydia Stith Rosebush of Kentucky, said that she had told her son that he needed a haircut. Her 4-year-old son Jax agreed, but explained that he wanted to shave his head just like his friend Reddy Weldon.

Jax explained that after his haircut, he and his friend will look the same, and that will confuse their teacher, who would not be able to tell them apart.

Lydia was very touched by her son’s loving gesture. The mother admitted that she chuckled over her son’s plans as she knows that Reddy is black.

Rebby and his older brother were adopted from the Democratic Republic of Congo three years ago, by pastor Kevin Weldon and his wife Debbie.

Lydia wrote about her son’s request on Facebook, where the post went viral.

She wrote: “This morning, Jax and I were discussing his wild hair. I told him that he needed a haircut this weekend.

“He said that he wanted his head shaved really short so he could look like his friend Reddy. He said he couldn’t wait to go to school on Monday, with his hair like Reddy’s so that his teacher wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

“He thought it would be so hilarious to confuse his teacher with the same haircut. Here’s a picture of Jax and Reddy from their Christmas program. I’m sure you all see the resemblance.

“If this isn’t proof that hate and prejudice is something that is taught I don’t know what is. The only difference Jax sees in the two of them is their hair.”