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Officials order homeowner to remove Trump-Pence sign from his property

By Mason White 1:15 PM March 3, 2017
Trump-Pence sign (illustration)
Trump-Pence sign (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A homeowner in Florida, is angry after officials ordered him to remove a Trump-Pence sign he has kept on his private property for several months.

Michael Bagenstos of Boca Raton, said that officials are infringing on his First Amendment right to free speech by ordering him to remove the Trump-Pence sign from his property, but allowing a KKK flag to fly on another home down the block.

Bagenstos, who favors the policies of President Donald Trump, found the county notice right next to his campaign signs when he came home from work on Tuesday.

The notice warns him to remove the sign within ten days or officials will remove it for him. Officials claim that the sign violate Palm Beach County Code.

The Unified Land Development Code prohibits election campaign signs 10 days after the election. A spokesperson for the county said that the code is specific for signs and flags are not regulated.

That is the reason why the county has not removed the KKK flag, but ordered the removal of the Trump-Pence election campaign sign.