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Groom rapes woman in park minutes before marrying his pregnant fiancee

By Mason White 1:04 PM March 5, 2017
Derry McCann
Derry McCann
By: Mason White

A groom did not think about the woman he was about to marry and raped a woman in the park, according to police in the United Kingdom.

London police said that they have arrested the man on a charge of rape after grabbing the woman in the park and raping her several times.

In court, Derry McCann, 28, admitted to attacking his victim in the park and subjecting her to a two hour ordeal. After he was done raping the woman, McCann married his pregnant girlfriend.

He pleaded guilty to four counts of rape against his victim and to the robbery of her phone when he appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

“This was a terrifying, violent and prolonged attack involving rapes committed by a man intent on inflicting fear and psychological suffering,” prosecutors told the court.

According to the police investigation, the victim was walking home after spending time at an art gallery, socializing with friends.

She avoided walking through the middle of the park because it was too dangerous, so she walked around the side, but unfortunately, when she was near the park exit, McCann grabbed her arm and pulled her to the side.

McCann then began a sustained and systematic attack, raping the victim four times. McCann had unusual conversations with the victim by asking what she thought he was going to do next to her.