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Man finds thousands of bees living inside shower head of bathroom

By Mason White 1:08 PM March 5, 2017
Thousands of bees in the shower of Yokey’s friend
Thousands of bees in the shower of Yokey’s friend
By: Emily Lewis

A man in Singapore, was shocked to find a beehive inside the shower head in his bathroom, according to photos that were uploaded to the Internet.

A man of Punggol, who identified himself on Twitter as Yokey, said that thousands of bees were living in his friend’s home, where they hid in the shower head.

His friend called him over, and together they killed the thousands of bees. They also took photos of the dead bees, and uploaded the images to Twitter, where they went viral.

Yokey revealed that they used the pesticide Baygon, to kill the bees.

“Wtf my friend’s shower rain got bees. With full body armor, we went in and sprayed Baygon, They all died,” Yokey wrote in Twitter.

Officials urged people to call for help when they encounter a beehive rather than tackle it alone. To report sightings of beehives, the public can contact the National Parks Board’s (NParks) helpline at 1-800-471-7300.