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People upset after new Peeps Oreo cookies are turning their feces pink

By Mason White 4:47 PM March 6, 2017
Pink cream Oreo cookies
Pink cream Oreo cookies
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) Consumers got scared and upset after trying the all new pink Oreo cookies released by Nabisco earlier this week.

A spokesperson for the company quickly issued a statement, saying that the die used to color the cream of the cookies is responsible for turning the tongue and feces pink.

The dye is safe for consumption, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Many people rushed to buy the pink marshmallow flavor Oreo cookies after it hit stores across the United States.

The complaints about bright pink tongues and feces quickly spread on social media sites.

“The thing that disturbs me most about the Peeps Oreos is that I woke up with a tongue the same color as the cream filling,” Jay Dee wrote on Twitter.

“Ate 3 Peeps Oreos last night. My tongue is still hot pink and my spit looks like Pepto-Bismol,” Chris M. wrote on Twitter.

Richard Traub asked: “is this normal after eating peeps Oreos?”

Traub shared a picture of his bright pink tongue.

Zach Moree said that he ate a whole package of Peep Oreos, and his poop turned pink.

Marc Devon Lau wrote: “Thank you Oreo PEEPS Brand for turning my poop reddish-pink.”

Elle Leven wrote that her roommate ate a whole pack of Oreo Peeps and left a pink stain in the toilet.

Ellie Won wrote: “Oreo the peeps made my poop bright pink.”

Kimberly Fontes, the senior communications manager of Mondelez International, said that the cookies contain FD&C Red Number 3, which is approved and considered safe by the FDA.