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Police officer allows three women to twerk on his patrol car after they were denied entry to club

By Mason White 6:38 PM March 6, 2017
The woman twerking
The woman twerking
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) While police officers are desperately trying to build a relationship with their communities, one officer is being criticized for going too far.

The police officer from New York, was parked outside a nightclub in Rochester, when three women came up to him.

The women were upset that they were denied entry to the club due to violating the dress code.

The women asked the officer if they can take selfies with the patrol car, and he agreed. However, the women got a bit carried away and they began twerking next to the car.

One woman jumped onto the hood of the car and she twerked.
Chris Barber took a 16-second video of the women twerking, and posted it to his Twitter account The Protein Papi.

The video shows the police officer standing at the side with folded arms and laughing at their actions.

Barber said that it was a lighthearted moment that was fun and surrounded by a lot of laughter. He said that the women did not mean any disrespect.

He added that after they were done twerking, one of the women apologized for “getting carried away.”

After the video went viral, some people criticized the officer for allowing the women to do so while other people came out in support the officer.

“We’re constantly being told it’s important to interact with the public. It was appropriate how he reacted to the situation, Ralph Gagliano, who is Executive Vice President of the Rochester Police Locust Club, said.