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Woman puts poison in husband’s food to stop his erections and prevent him from having sex with her

By Mason White 6:25 PM March 6, 2017
Andrea Heming
Andrea Heming
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A woman is on the run after pleading guilty to poisoning her husband.

Police are asking people to be on the lookout for 49-year-old Andrea Heming of Nevada, who failed to show up to court for sentencing.

The woman’s husband said that for a few months, he was having stomach cramps, diarrhea and nose bleeds. He had no idea what suddenly led to his health issue.

He placed hidden cameras in his home and was shocked to learn that his wife was putting a white substance in his food.

During their investigation, police determined that the substance was boric acid, which is used to kill cockroaches.

Heming told police that she did not put a lot of poison in his food as she did not want to kill him, but she put “just enough to make him not have an erection.”

Heming claimed that her husband of four years, began having “unwanted sex with her as she slept.” She wanted to stop him by causing him to be unable to have an erection.

The husband said that Heming began acting irrationally in the months before her actions were uncovered. He said that while she was working as a flight attendant, Heming admitted to putting a sedative in the drink of an unruly passenger.

Police said that Heming, might be hiding out in Mexico. She is facing up to 15 years in prison.