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Woman set to become the world’s first weather presenter with Down syndrome

By Mason White 6:31 PM March 6, 2017
Melanie Segard with the presidents of the unapei
Melanie Segard with the presidents of the unapei
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A woman is seeing her dream come true after she was hired to become a weather presenter.

21-year-old Melanie Segard of France, asked Unapei, a charity organization for people with learning disabilities, for help in becoming a television personality.

The organization helped Segard set up a Facebook page, where she shared her dreams.

“I am different, but I would like to show everyone that I can do many things. I want to prove it by appearing on television,” she wrote on Facebook.

Segard challenged the French media to offer her the opportunity to present the weather forecast if her Facebook page reaches 100,000 likes.

She did a great job promoting herself. Segard was invited to local radio and television stations to talk about herself and her dreams.

In a matter of days, her Facebook page exceeded its target and gained more than 185,000 likes.

The 21-year-old will soon see her dreams come true as she was invited to present the weather on two national TV channels, France 2 and BFMTV.