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Mother offers her lazy son to anyone looking for ‘free labor’ to teach him about hard work

By Mason White 5:56 PM March 7, 2017
Donna and Nick Cooper
Donna and Nick Cooper
By: Mason White

A mother of the United Kingdom, posted an ad on Facebook, saying that her son is available to work for free.

Donna Cooper is a hard-working woman who couldn’t stand that her son was sitting around playing video games all day, while she and her partner are at work.

Cooper wrote that her 16-year-old son Nick is a “polite and hard-working” kid, but that he had been put on a
“restricted timetable” at school.

She added that education “doesn’t agree with him.” Since school could not teach him lessons for life, the mother was determined to do so.

One day, after posting the ad, the mother was contacted by the owner of a cafe in Hornsea, Yorkshire, who offered the teenager a two week internship.

Cooper was very happy with the offer, but her son was not very impressed. However, he went to work. Cooper said that the owner of the cafe was happy with the job Nick was doing.

“Nick complained about the job at first, but he went on to do a brilliant job. He now has a great reference so he will be able to find other work,” Cooper said.