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Couple kills roommate’s cat by pouring hot sauce and bleach in its mouth for rubbing up against them

By Mason White 5:25 PM March 7, 2017
Denise Eddines and Immanuel Church
Denise Eddines and Immanuel Church
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A woman was horrified when her roommates killed her cat while she was out of town.

Homeowner Nia Wulkan of Nevada, rented a room in her house to Immanuel Church, 20, and Denise Eddines, 21, about six weeks ago.

Recently, Wulkan’s family member became sick and she had to leave town to care of them.

She asked the couple to take care of her two cats and they agreed. However, when Wulkan returned home, she found that her cats were tortured.

Wulkan of Las Vegas, called police after seeing scratch marks and other signs that her cats had struggled as they were tortured.

One cat died while the other needed medical care after police said that the couple stabbed and kicked each animal as they poured a mixture of hot sauce and bleach down their throats.

Church and Eddines were charged with malicious torture and killing.

The couple now faces up to four years in prison as it is a felony to torture and kill animals in Nevada.