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Incredibly talented horse plays tunes with electronic keyboard

By Mason White 2:03 PM March 8, 2017
Murphy playing electronic keyboard
Murphy playing electronic keyboard
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A proud horse owner posted a video that showed how the animal can play tunes on an electronic keyboard, according to video that was uploaded to YouTube.

Sophie Bainbridge uploaded the video to YouTube, in order to show the world that it pays to rescue unwanted horses.

Bainbridge revealed that when the horse, Murphy, was just 3 months old, it was riddled with external and internal worms.

She saw Murphy being loaded onto a truck to send to a slaughterhouse. Bainbridge intervened and adopted the horse.

Murphy is now 3 years old and loves to be ridden. Murphy is also incredibly talented and can play with an electronic keyboard.

Bainbridge set up the keyboard outdoors, where Murphy uses its lips and mouth to hit the keys.

“Murphy was rescued from the doggers pens totally unhandled. He has since become our little star. He sure is a character. I hope you enjoy,” Bainbridge wrote.

“He was totally unhandled on purchase and only had days to live before being dog meat before we purchased him. Murphy was riddled in ringworm and internal worms,” Bainbridge also wrote.

“My little boy is now so happy and healthy, and loves to be ridden and loves human company. Just a little horse playing the piano who truly loves life,” Bainbridge said.