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Two brothers divorce their wives via WhatsApp

By Mason White 5:09 PM March 8, 2017
WhatsApp (illustration)
WhatsApp (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

Two women are angry after their husbands abandoned them and divorced them over WhatsApp.

The two brothers divorced their wives by simply sending them the word divorce three times through WhatsApp.

The men were relying on a clause in Sharia law known as “Talaq,” which means that men can divorce their wives by simply telling them clearly that they are doing so.

Heena Fatima of India, said that her husband and his brother went to the United States, but instead of using the opportunity to give their wives and children better lives, they were abandoned and divorced.

The women said that they received the word Talaq written three times on WhatsApp, which is enough for an official divorce.

Fatima has been married to her husband Syed Fayazuddin Hussa, for four years. Hussain then sent the official divorce papers to Hyderabad by mail.

Mehreen Noor, who is married to Hussaini’s brother Mohammad Abdul Aqeel, said that she received the same message, informing her that she is divorced.

The two women have filed complaints with the police. They claim that Islamic law allows husbands to divorce their wives in such a way, but it conflicts with other laws such as men taking care of their children.

In Sharia law, talaq, which translates as divorce, can be declared by a man without court approval, but it is generally followed for a three month period, during which time it can be revoked if the couple decided to reconcile.

However, the two brothers followed up their divorce message with a single message declaring that there is no possibility of reconciliation.