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Woman discovers that the man she was about to marry conned many women in Australia and is only seeking U.S. citizenship

By Mason White 6:14 PM March 8, 2017
Stephanie Hoskins with Brett Joseph aka Brett Goodman
Stephanie Hoskins with Brett Joseph aka Brett Goodman
By: Emily Lewis

A woman was looking forward to start life with her fiance before she learned that she was deceived by the man who is a known con artist.

Stephanie Hoskins, 23, of Texas, was set to marry the man who is from Australia.

Hoskins said that the man told her that his name was Brett Goodman, and he was 29 years old. He claimed that he was a wealthy oil exploration worker.

However, she later learned that he was an unemployed man who was known in Australia for conning women.

Hoskins met the man on the dating site Plenty of Fish five months ago. After dating for a short time, Goodman asked her to marry him.

Hoskins agreed and they made arrangements to get married. The bride-to-be said that Goodman pushed for a quick wedding, citing her father’s illness.

Hoskins said that her father has stage four cancer. She had bought her wedding dress and her parents helped pay for wedding expenses.

However, when they went to the local registry to get their marriage license, Goodman told her that his legal paperwork needed to be under the name Brett Joseph, rather than Brett Goodman.

Hoskins became suspicious and she did a Google search with the name Brett Joseph. She was horrified to learn that he was covered extensively in the news in Australia.

Brett Joseph became known as the man who swept women off their feet, stealing their hearts and then using them for their money.

When he was exposed in Australia, he went to the United States, where he wanted to marry Hoskins and become a citizen.

Thankfully, Hoskins discovered his true identity before they got married. She called off the wedding, kicked him out of her home and reported him to police.