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Woman kills her married lover and his wife before drowning their two children in bathtub

By Mason White 5:37 PM March 8, 2017
Ruzanna Shvarts (left) and the victims
Ruzanna Shvarts (left) and the victims
By: Emily Lewis

A woman of Russia, was arrested after killing a family and setting their home on fire to cover up the crime.

People in the tight knit community in Ak-Dovurak, Tuva, were shocked to learn about the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the family.

Neighbors said that 35-year-old Vladislav Saaya, was a well-known and well-respected man in the community.

“He worked as an economist, he hardly drank alcohol and he was not the type of person who would have the affairs on the side,” they said.

However, he did have a lover on the side. Police said that on the day of the murder, the mistress, 25-year-old Ruzanna Shvarts and her 19-year-old sister Melina, went to the man’s home while his wife Lilia, 35, was away.

When Lilia, who worked as an accountant, returned home early with her children, a fight broke out and the couple was stabbed to death.

The killer then turned her attention to the innocent children. Prosecutors said that the mistress drowned Darimaa, 6, and Aisel, 4, in their bathtub.

The couple’s 12-year-old daughter Aiza, is the only family member who survived as she was not home at the time.

Shvarts is accused of burning down the family’s home to cover up her crime.

When she was arrested, Shvarts told police that she left the home after they got into a fight with Lilia and that her sister is the one who killed the family.

19-year-old Melina may also face charges if she is found to have helped her sister kill her lover and his family.