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Man kills his pregnant girlfriend before shooting himself because he did not want to be a father

By Mason White 11:04 AM March 9, 2017
Julia Young with her children
Julia Young with her children
By: Tanya Clark

A mother was horrified to find her pregnant daughter dead in her home.

The mother of two children was six month pregnant when she was killed by her unborn baby’s father.

Police believe that 36-year-old Julia Young of Ohio, was shot dead by on-again off-again boyfriend, 43-year-old Cedric Jones.

She was found dead in her home on Red Oak Circle, by her mother and her son at 2:00 p.m.

After killing his girlfriend and his unborn baby, Jones turned the gun on himself.

According to Young’s father Philip Duke, Jones did not want to be a father. Despite not using protection during sex, Jones did not want the baby.

“I don’t know if this is his way of dealing with it. We’ll never know,” Duke said.

Lt. Dave Birckbichler said that detectives are still trying to figure it out exactly what happened and what led up to the murder-suicide.

According to her family, Julia was a caring volunteer who helped women who were victims of domestic violence. She left behind two sons, who are ten and 13 years old. Both were from a previous relationship.