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Police officer kills himself while his lieutenant girlfriend was packing her stuff to move out

By Mason White 10:52 AM March 9, 2017
Mike Smith
Mike Smith
By: Mason White

A police officer in New York, committed suicide while his girlfriend was in the next room.

The long time Brooklyn police officer, was just a few weeks away from his retirement when he committed suicide while his girlfriend, who is a police lieutenant, was packing her belongings to move out of their apartment.

47-year-old Mike Smith committed suicide at the Manhattan Beach apartment, which he shared with his girlfriend.

Smith reportedly started dating the lieutenant after separating from his wife. The lieutenant was also divorced.

However, when things did not work out between them, the woman called her parents to the apartment and they helped her pack her belongings so that she can break up with him.

While the three were in the next room packing, Smith shot himself.

He reportedly left a note saying: “I love you more than you’ll ever know.”

Smith was an officer at the 70th Precinct in Brooklyn, and had served for 22 years.