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Man kills newborn baby by slamming her head into concrete sidewalk to punish her mother

By Mason White 11:00 AM March 10, 2017
Dalton R. Davis and Lillian Grace Lloyd
Dalton R. Davis and Lillian Grace Lloyd
By: Mason White

A man was sentenced to serve 65 years in prison for viciously killing a newborn baby.

22-year-old Dalton R. Davis of Indiana, admitted to killing his girlfriend’s 5-week-old baby Lillian Grace Lloyd.

Davis said that he got into an argument with his girlfriend, Courtney Lloyd, before he took out his anger on her innocent baby.

Davis, who was not the newborn baby’s father, took her outside and slammed her head into the concrete sidewalk. Lillian Grace died after suffering fractures to her skull.

Davis did not call for help. Instead, he placed the lifeless body back into her crib as if nothing happened.

When Courtney woke up to check on her baby, she found Lillian Grace unconscious and she called emergency workers. Sadly, the baby was already deceased.

Davis initially told police that he went outside to smoke a cigarette and the baby accidentally fell out of his arms.

However, his story did not match the severity of the newborn’s injuries.

He eventually admitted to killing the baby because he was angry with his girlfriend.

Davis pleaded guilty to the charges in an agreement with prosecutors in order to avoid a life sentence. Instead, he was sentenced to 65 years in prison without the possibility of parole until he serves 55 years.

In court, Davis did not show remorse for the murder and he did not apologize to his former girlfriend.