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University professor poses as Justin Bieber and sexually exploits children online for over a decade

By Mason White 11:04 AM March 10, 2017
 Gordon Douglas Chalmers
Gordon Douglas Chalmers and Justin Bieber
By: William Martin

Police have arrested a man who pretended to be singer Justin Bieber, so he can have easy access to young children.

People were shocked to learn the identity of the online predator as he does not seem to fit the profile of one.

Police in Australia, arrested 42-year-old Gordon Douglas Chalmers, on close to 1,000 child sex offenses.

Police were tipped of about Chalmers’ actions by police in the United States and from Germany, after finding the child pornography images he posted online.

Police said that Chalmers, who worked at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, refused to give them access to his social media accounts and his cloud servers.

However, they did get his laptop computer, where they found hundreds of shocking images.

The university professor was charged with 931 offenses including rape, indecent treatment of children and making child exploitation material.

Police said that Chalmers targeted children from around the world and groomed them while they falsely believed that they were in contact with Justin Bieber.