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Priests arrested for making too much noise by preaching in the streets of the United Kingdom

By Mason White 2:18 PM March 10, 2017
Michael Overd and Michael Stockwell
Michael Overd and Michael Stockwell
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) Several priests were surprised to face charges of disorderly conduct for preaching in the streets of the United Kingdom.

Now, the case of two evangelical Christian preachers who were accused of religiously aggravated public disorder, concluded at Bristol Magistrates Court.

52-year-old Michael Overd and 50-year-old Michael Stockwell of Selden, New York, were both charged with the offense under the Crime and Disorder Act 1988, after an incident that took place in Broadmead, Bristol.

Both men were actively engaged in street preaching, using a microphone to amplify their voices and to deliver their message to passers-by.

A third man, Major Adrian Clark from St. Werburghs, was found not guilty of the offense.

Overd and Stockwell were both found guilty and fined 300 pounds ($365) each, and they were ordered to pay a victim surcharge of 30 pounds ($36.50).

Both men will also have to jointly pay court costs of 3,372 pounds ($4,100).

An application for a Criminal Behaviour Order against Overd to prevent him from further preaching, will be heard at a later date.

The court heard that shoppers and traders had a right not to be at risk from the fear of disorder breaking out as a result of what was being said by the preachers.

The court has ruled that these men used their platform to comment on other religions using offensive language. Both men have now appealed their convictions.