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10-year-old boy steals grandmother’s life savings and hands over $10,000 in cash to his classmates

By Mason White 4:20 PM March 12, 2017
Euros (illustration)
Euros (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

School officials in Spain, have urged parents to make sure that their children return money given to them by a generous young boy.

The 10-year-old of Caldes de Montbui, found an envelope containing $10,000 in his grandmother’s home.

The grandmother kept her life savings in the envelope, and she saved the $10,000 if 100 euro notes. The following day, the 10-year-old boy went to the Escola Montbui primary school, where he handed out all the money.

During lunchtime, a teacher noticed numerous children rushing to the canteen with 100 euro notes in their hands. When the teacher asked the students how they got the money, they all pointed to the 10-year-old boy.

The teacher questioned the boy, and he admitted to finding the envelope of cash in his grandmother’s home. School officials contacted the parents of the boy, and they asked for the money back.

Officials urged parents to convince their children to hand the 100 euros notes back to the generous boy. Most of the money has been recovered and handed over to the boy’s grandmother.